Shelby Humane Society

Lost and Found


If Your Pet is Lost

Call and report your pet as lost to the the Police Department of your town. If you have no Police or live in the country call the Sheriff's department at 774-3941.  Please also contact Animal Control at 774-4932 and someone may report finding your pet to them or your dog may have been picked up by animal control. They will need such information as breed.  sex, age. color. size (such as approximate weight and height). collar, chip, tags, etc. Continue to  check back.

If You Find a Pet

If you have found a pet, please alert the above phone numbers with a detailed description of the pet and where he/she was found. If you put an ad in the paper, do NOT give a detailed description. For instance, if there is a red collar, or the animal has one huge brown spot on its right ear, leave that bit of information out. Then when a person wants to claim the animal, ask them for a detailed description so you can be sure they are the owner.

More Tips on Finding a Lost Pet

Here are a few good sites with tips on finding a lost pet.