Shelby Humane Society, Inc.  Wish List


Donating any of these items is a great way to contribute to the Humane Society and receive a tax deduction.



Toys/Enrichment Items

*       Cat and dog treats:
> Cat treats
> Dog biscuits
> Soft-type dog and cat treats

*       Dog biscuits/treats: 
> Bones

*       Esbilac Liquid Milk Replacer

*       For dog training and
veterinary care:
> Cheeze Whiz
> Canned chicken
> Meat-flavored baby food

> Natural Balance Treat rolls

*       KMR Kitten Milk Replacer

*       Dry Dog Food

*       Cat/kitten Food


*       Agility tunnel (such as a child’s play tunnel)

*       Cat scratchers

*       Chew toys for dogs:
> Bully Sticks
> Nylabones
> Pig's Ears
> Pressed Rawhide bones

*       Dog/puppy toys:
> Plush dog toys
> Squeaky dog toys

*       Hanging cat toys

*       Kitten / cat and puppy / dog toys

*       Plastic children’s pool

*       Dog food (canned)


*       Blankets and towels 

*       Buckets (large, paint-sized)

*       Can openers

*       Cat litter and boxes

*       Care fresh small pet litter

*       Children's board games

*       Comforters (full and queen-size)

*       Dog and cat grooming brushes

*       Dog and cat harnesses

*       Dog houses (for outdoor dogs in need of shelter)

*       Dog kennels

*       Dog shirts and sweaters (sizes small/med)

*       Forced air warming system (used to wake pets from anesthesia; please call for more details.)

*       Heartgard and Frontline flea prevention pills

*       Inside kennel runs

*       Cedar Pet Bedding (foster homes)

*       Cat and Dog food/water bowls

*       Grooming cage and table dryer


*       Heating pads (electrical {non-automatic shutoff type] and microwave-able)

*       IV Pump (delivers fluids and medications to pets at a set rate; please call for more details.)

*       Newspapers(preferably without colored ad inserts)

*       Overhead trolley/pulley system for dogs

*       Padded pet beds

*       Pet carriers

*       Bleach

*       Portable CD players (three) with built in speakers (battery operated and AC adapter) to play soothing music for Behavior and Training dogs

*       Small animal supplies (cages, exercise balls, water bottles, etc.)

*       Laundry soap

*       Puppy/dog training pads

*       Dish soap/liquid hand soap

*       Garbage bags – all sizes



Office Supplies

*       Printer Cartridge 

*       8-inch scissors

*       $.41 stamps or Forever Stamps

*       Avery labels (5160, 5163)

*       Automatic letter opener

*       Calculators (large, handheld type)

*       Commercial, high-volume paper shredder

*       Dry erase markers (various colors)

*       Envelopes (plain, No. 9 and 10)

*       Easels for training classes


*       Hole punchers (two or three hole, heavy duty type)

*       Human or pet mannequins for Retail Store displays

*       Industrial stapler (with ability to staple 25+ pages at once)

*       Letter-sized three-tab file folders and hanging file holders

*       Post-it Notes

*       Stationary

*       Rewrite-able CDs with paper sleeves

*       Sharpie pens


Gift Cards or Certificates

*       Walmart gift cards

*       To local gas stations for volunteer/foster programs

*       To local restaurants, movie theater and bookstores for volunteer recognition

*       To Michaels for education craft supplies

*       To Staples and Office Depot

*       Ace hardware gift cards for building needs

*       Menard gift card for fencing needs, pet needs, construction needs and building expansion.

*       Brix Veterinarian Service gift certificate for animal care and services

*       Garbage service gift certificate

Miscellaneous / Other

*       AA Batteries

*       Animal-themed children’s books and movies

*       Baskets and storage containers

*       Children's board games

*       Defibrillator (please call for more information)

*       Lint rollers and refills

*       Merchandising fixtures and displays for "Muttique" store

*       Air fresheners/disinfectant cleaner

*       Riding lawn mower or lawn mower service

*       Money for spay & neuter program

*       Paper towels

*       Party/ non-denominational holiday decorations (new)

*       Silk flowers (assorted)

*       Stuffed animal dogs and cats (realistic-looking) for Pet First Aid classes

*       Toaster oven

*       Two-way radios (cordless)

*       Ziploc bags

*       Wet/Dry Vacuum (small canister, heavy- duty style)

*       Refrigerator

*       Freezer



Donations can be brought to 1309 W S 7th, Shelbyville between 1-3pm on Monday and Wednesday or contact Tomas Cuellar at 827-1981 for drop off arrangements